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Linda’s transformational memoir,


Comments From Linda’s Editor:

“Based on your blog entries, I knew the manuscript would be well written, but it is more intelligently written, more thoughtful, and more reflective than many memoirs I have read.”

“The manuscript does need some work–Part I, in particular, will require some reworking to bring it to the quality of the rest of the manuscript.”

~Judy Plazyk

Linda’s Re-working Progress:

Review and Edit of Part I: Chapters 1-12 completed!!

Now on to Part II: Chapters 13-29

First Revision of Chapter 13 – 21 approved.

Celebrating being 2/3 done!!

Reworking Chapters 22 & 23.

Judy, Linda’s editor, said she would be surprised at how fast her reworking of Parts II and III will progress. She is beginning to see the truth of that! Exciting!! 

Linda is known for her heart-felt, vulnerable, courageous spiritual writing that gives voice to feelings some find difficult to speak. While writing her memoir, she tapped into a deep well of inner wisdom leading to compassion for herself and her family. She gained a new appreciation for her life path as the context for her spiritual journey, recognizing for the first time the gifts within the struggle. Her heart opened to deeper expressions of love for her daughter, transforming their relationship.

I read this to my daughter and asked, “Is that true?”

She smiled and said, “Yes, it is.”

Warmed my heart.

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Story Circle Network’s 2015 LifeWriting Contest

 Third Place Winner

for her essay titled: Perfect Failure”

Where you stumble, there your treasure lies.”   ~Joseph Campbell

What Linda is Reading:

Sharon O’Brien the-family-silver

Jeff Carreirra

Soul of the New Self

And listening to:

Susan Cain


Linda’s Collaborative Writing

Sophia's Table 001

Sophia’s Table: Women’s Wisdom in Five Voices, published in 2013, is the result of a collaboration of five women growing out of their participation in a contemplative writing group. Linda was touched when she was appreciated for her heart-felt, vulnerable, and courageous writing, especially being told she wrote what others had not been able to voice, validating the truth that none of us are alone.

“Reading Sophia’s Table, you feel as if you’re talking with an old friend. Such deep sharing. Warm and insightful. It triggered some thinking for me, and made me look at my own life differently.”   ~C.R.