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First proof of memoir arrives

Readers know me for my “heart-felt, vulnerable, courageous” contemplative writing that gives voice to feelings some find difficult to speak. While writing my memoir, I tapped into a deep well of inner wisdom leading to compassion for myself and my family. I gained a new appreciation for my life path as the context for my spiritual journey, recognizing for the first time the gifts within the struggle. My heart opened to deeper expressions of love for my daughter, transforming our relationship.




I read this to my daughter and asked, “Is that true?”

She smiled and said, “Yes, it is.”

Warmed my heart.



Description of A Long Awakening to Grace:

“During twenty-two years of overwhelming obstacles, Linda grew in wisdom and strength as she grappled with her children’s puzzling behavior and searched for the reason behind it. A miraculous gift of grace revealed the source of her children’s heart-wrenching circumstances. A Long Awakening to Grace weaves a tale of heartbreak and triumph. Linda powerfully captures a parent’s sorrow for ‘what might have been’ as well as a spiritual seeker’s reverence for the treasures bestowed in life’s darkest moments. A gripping, heart-tugging, courageous journey into the light.”

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