A Moving Re-creation

Moving, even when desired, is considered one of the top five stressful life events because it disrupts our routine. I took possession of my new home on October 5 and immediately began to try to create order out of chaos and beauty out of deterioration. This was definitely a departure from my routine.

As I admitted in my last blog post, I find messiness difficult to live with. A bit of a miracle has occurred since my silent retreat a year ago. Walking in the woods for an hour a day gave me new appreciation for the messiness and majesty of nature. Since then, I’ve felt drawn to trees. And so I chose a house overlooking a woods. This is the view of my back yard.


My real growth is evident, however, in that the messiness of the house did not deter me from purchasing it. The bones were good, but it had not been updated since it was built about twenty-two years ago. I determined to have fun revitalizing it — considering it a form of recreation. I had no idea it would also be a form of re-creation. In truth, it hasn’t all been fun, but I’ve been meeting my challenges assertively. This conflict avoider is being re-created one step at a time.

I moved on October 15 and set about finding just the “right” place for my belongings. With my penchant for order, I actually enjoy this activity.

My sun room overlooks the woods. I envision this as my meditation/reading room. This morning is the first opportunity I’ve had to enjoy it.

Meditation Room

I picked up James R. Newby’s book, Sacred Chaos, and found this quote that made me smile.

In the mythology of Genesis we are created out of chaos, and it is out of the chaos in our lives that we are re-created over and over again as we seek spiritual intimacy. It is a continuous cycle of God and us, co-creating new beings, out of which we give birth to dancing stars.


Let’s dance!