Angels Among Us ~~ Karen

Probably one of my greatest fears growing up was being rejected and judged as inferior. That fear was front and center for me in 1999. I had been searching for twenty-two years for the reason behind my children’s puzzling behavior and had given up all hope of ever knowing its cause. As most parents do, I blamed myself. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was about to experience a miracle that would reveal the origin of their behavior.

Professionally, I offered Imago Relationship Therapy and relationship coaching as an outreach ministry of a local church. Because of my embarrassment about my children’s behavior and my fear of how members of the congregation would react if they knew, I didn’t talk about my children at church. I kept secrets.

“No one at church knew much about my personal life. They knew I had adult children but didn’t ask about them, and I offered nothing about their circumstances.” ~excerpt from A Long Awakening to Grace

To my horror, my secret became known in a very public way. I prepared myself for the judgment against me that I was sure would follow. I served on the Christian Nurture Committee, and the next time they met, I braced myself for their disapproval. I was so very wrong. They gave me nothing but compassion. From that I learned that I was projecting my judgment of myself onto them … and many others … something I probably still do far too often today.

I had lunch yesterday with Karen, one of those committee members who has remained a friend all these years later. She has most definitely been an angel in my life.


“We’ll pray for you. We’ll add your names to our prayer group.”


“‘And I have a friend with a prayer group at her church. I’ll get you on her list, too,’ Karen chuckled. ‘In fact, we’ll see to it that every prayer group in town puts you and your daughter on their list. We’ll cover all the bases.’ She gave me a reassuring hug.” ~excerpts from A Long Awakening to Grace

Karen is an extraordinary woman who is an angel in many lives. She makes a difference in her family and in our community, utilizing her many skills as a volunteer. A retired teacher, she currently tutors at the literacy center. She told me over lunch about helping a man learn to read the Bible so he could do that in church, helping a woman learn to read children’s books to her grandchildren, and a woman learn to read so she can upgrade her work skills. That’s just the kind of woman Karen is.

Karen exudes enthusiasm for life and one of her favorite activities is having dinner with friends. She became so engrossed in reading my memoir, in order to finish, she turned down a dinner invitation. As soon as she turned the last page, she called me. “I just had to talk with you.”

She told me about her rejected dinner invitation. “Now you know, I never turn down a dinner invitation,” she chuckled. She went on to share how moving she found my story and how she felt for me with all I went through with my children. We made a date for lunch.

Over lunch yesterday, I enjoyed catching up with what is going on in Karen’s life and hearing about people from that congregation who I rarely see anymore. They are still very special to me. Karen wanted to know about how my daughter is doing and about my life these days.

After lunch, she had to rush off to take a neighbor woman in her 90s to the doctor. Like I said, that’s just who Karen is. As we prepared to leave, we made a pledge not to wait so long to schedule another lunch. I am so blessed.


  • Diana

    And we thought that angels were etherial beings with wings….There certainly are many kinds!!!! I also think they like to hang out together:):):)

    • YES, YES, YES … we do like to hand out together. You are one of the angels in my life and I’ve been feeling very loved and seen by you recently. Look forward to getting together and talking about it. I also need to take your picture holding my book … for when you appear here. Love you.

  • Linda,
    I’ve known you about three years now, I think, perhaps longer, and love reading about the angels in your life. Speaking personally, I have been awed by the presence of angels and divine grace flow through your life so richly. I’ll soon be reading your memoir and can’t wait. I’ve peeked inside a little… I’m so compelled to read it.
    I had my daughter take a photo of me holding your book with part of her lovely woods as background the day it arrived from Amazon. I’ll be posting it soon.
    Adding my blessings to your angels’.

    • Thank you, Mary Jo,
      I’m so glad you love reading about the angels in my life. I’m having a great time reconnecting with them. I, too, am awed by divine grace flowing into my life. When I look back, it is totally awesome in so many ways. I am so blessed.
      Can’t wait to see your picture holding my book and hearing what you think of it after you read it. And I continue to look forward to the day when I can read yours. I feel so lucky to have such wonderful woman like you and so many others in my life.

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