Angels Among Us ~~ Marvel

I recently learned that my friend, Marvel, was an introvert and shy when she grew up. That was a surprise to me because in the twenty-some years that I’ve known her, I’ve depended on her assertive voice when I couldn’t summon mine.

I remember one occasion when I was frozen in fear for my daughter and she knew just what I needed to do. I couldn’t do it, and so she did it for me. Having her there advocating for me and for Nicole meant so much to me. She was the kind of friend who valued me even though I had many shortcomings.

I needed a lot of help to develop the backbone needed to persevere through the many challenges I faced with my children. Marvel’s assertiveness laced with tender loving care is one of the factors that contributed to the growth I portray in A Long Awakening to Grace.

And that is why Marvel was one of two friends I called in the wee hours of the morning to share the miracle I experienced and wrote about in my memoir chapter titled, “Fire Walk.” Like Barbara, Marvel was in a distant city facing a similar situation … similar in some ways and so very different in others. And like Barbara, Marvel doesn’t appear in my memoir until page 256, but she walked with me through much of the journey I relay and for that, I will always be grateful.