To Stay Informed

Michelle Alexander’s

A Powerful Read that emerged to Rave Reviews

Alexander, a highly acclaimed civil rights lawyer, expected to be dealing with affirmative action cases when she began working with ACLU. Instead, to her surprise, she received an education about the way the USA’s for-profit prison system is a new way of enslaving black citizen’s, developing a caste system within the borders that proclaim liberty and justice for all. She shares her awakening in this award-winning book, educating all who read it. She calls for reform that would return our prison system to that for which it was intended — crime prevention and control. It is a challenging book to read. My colorblindness was confronted as once again my eyes were opened to another festering wound in our culture that is in need of healing.

A Masterful Work of Non-fiction

When I was nine, my family moved to Jim Crow country, Tarpon Springs, Florida. At that tender age, I witnessed blatant racism and watched how my northern parents dealt with it. (See my December 3, 2016 blog post). I had no idea the extent of the discrimination and violence that took place to close to where we lived during that year in 1951.

I predict that African-Americans who read this book will swell with pride at their heritage.

For those white folks who can stand the heat, you will be confronted with how privileged you are. I know I was. And I have participated in interracial dialogues designed to open my eyes. But my eyes are opened wider now.

I highly recommend this book.