The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three

Cynthia Bourgeault, mystic, Episcopal Priest, and  retreat facilitator is one of my favorite spiritual writers because of her commitment to recover the mystical heart of the Christian Wisdom Tradition … the tradition that speaks most deeply to me. In this book, she digs into esoteric and mystical literature to illuminate the Trinity, bringing this doctrine alive, deepening its meaning. For those willing to dig deep, the journey toward the truth at the heart of Christianity is worth the labor. It is not an easy read, but an enriching one.

The Untethered Soul is one of my favorites.

In his path of non-resistance, Singer gives practical suggestions about how to return, even when we feel weak, to the strength of our inner being–our Soul. We are encouraged to begin noticing the voice in our head, our inner roommate, that chatters constantly. In the guise of protecting us from pain, this voice actually creates problems for us. Instead of accepting and learning from the reality of life that changes all the time, this roommate tries to convince us we can control changes that seem threatening and thus remain safe. To grow, we need to transcend our tendency to avoid pain. Our Soul strengthens us for the task.

Singer points out that life and death are great teachers. Death teaches us to view life as precious. Enjoying the gift of life, viewing our problems as stepping stones to growth, and learning from experiences untethers our Soul. He calls this the highest spiritual path, what actually gives life meaning.

Michael Singer

Michael Singer

Through meditation, which Singer describes as the ability to center and focus our consciousness on our Soul, we can increase our ability to notice energy shifts indicating the voice in our head is stirring up inner turmoil. Noticing, we can disengage and prevent ourselves from creating melodrama. Singer points out that a wise person remains centered enough to let go every time our energy shifts into a defensive mode, every time we feel pain.

Our reward will be transformation: an inner breakthrough to complete freedom; finding an ocean of love, light, and peace behind our fear and pain; noticing how the qualities of the Divine are unfolding inside us; our heart will open permanently and we will be a source of light for all around us; ecstasy.

Part of the reason this book has been so important for me is that, as a perfectionist, I have found a favorite way to disengage from that trouble-making roommate in my head. It may take me awhile, but eventually I’m able to laugh at my humanness. My friends, my birth daughter, and the daughter of my heart have all commented about how much happier I seem…that they can see me changing for the better. That makes my life meaningful. I’m growing. Making progress. Moments of ecstasy.

Singer appeared on Super Soul Sunday. Click here for the link to his interview.

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Steve McIntosh

Steve McIntosh

Attorney turned integral philosopher, Steve McIntosh, has set a high bar for himself in his third book, The Presence of the Infinite: The Spiritual Experience of Beauty, Truth, and Goodness. Concerned about the need for spiritual leadership capable of moving our culture beyond our current state of polarization and fragmentation, his aim is to stimulate further thinking and research into a method emerging out of evolutionary spirituality. Evolutionary spirituality draws upon the strengths and attempts to overcome the weaknesses contained in all spiritual paths, moving toward integrating at a higher level our spiritual experiences of beauty, truth, and goodness. McIntosh can be quite heady, but the beauty of this book is his poetic descriptions of profound experiences of beauty, truth, and goodness–where the Presence of the Infinite is made known to us. He calls for humans to honor our gift of self-reflection by responding to the impulse to work for a better world–the same impulse that has been driving evolution from the beginning. A worthy calling indeed.